Helpful Tips to Keep Your Porcelain Tile Floors Clean

Choosing floor tile is an outstanding option for any room in your home, adding beauty, durability, and an incredible lifespan. Still, many homeowners want to know how to keep these surfaces clean. In today’s post, we will share some helpful tips on that very topic, so follow along with us here to find out more.

Cleaning your floor tile is easier than you think

The most significant part of keeping your tile floors clean is to perform regular maintenance, which usually only requires a few steps. First, sweep up loose dirt or debris and follow a soft mop dampened with warm water.

However, we know that larger and deeper messes occur, and there are ways to clean those easily. There are many commercial cleaners on the market, which we can recommend when you share your specific floor type, as well as cleaners you might already have in your pantry.

Some homeowners steam clean their tile floors, and others use a combination of vinegar, ammonia, and detergent to spot clean stubborn stains. If you’d like to know more about what cleaning methods and products to use, be sure to stop by our showroom any time.

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